Cortese’s Column Featured by Tennessean

Mike Cortese head shot

Adjunct professor of Entertainment Industry Studies and Director of Young Alumni and Alumni Communication Mike Cortese recently published an editorial in the Tennessean. Cortese wrote a column about leadership and how skills he learned as an actor helped him develop his leadership abilities.

Cortese’s column, titled “What Being an Actor Taught me About Real Leadership,” discusses specific qualities necessary in building trust within teams as a leader. He ties in specific knowledge about acting that will help people become great leaders. His column notes that “acting gives you the tools to quiet your reptilian brain, hone your self-awareness and listen with the intent to connect.”

Being aware of those three things will help you become a great leader, Cortese says. He closes out his column by writing, “to become a great leader you must become skillfully and truthfully aware of yourself and everyone else in the room.”

The full column can be read here.