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Campus Security Shares Holiday Cheer, Safety Tips with Belmont Community

On Thursday, Campus Security handed out more than 700 candy canes to students studying for exams. Included with the candy canes were tips on being safe during the holidays. Administrative Captain Lou Mills said, “We know that finals are stressful, and we wanted to show our support and spread some Christmas cheer.”

Pictured above is Officer Malcolm McDole, who is the department’s recipient of this year’s Excellence in Service Award, while the video below shows Campus Security staff and student workers who were singing carols, including a specially written “safety-version” of a Christmas favorite, as they passed out tips.

Holiday safety tips that were passed along included the following:

  • Avoid dark, poorly lit and less travelled roads and lots – Use well lit, well-travelled areas when parking or out walking.
  • Use the buddy system, travel in groups, or use the escort system to have someone walk with you.
  • Be attentive to your surroundings. If something looks suspicious, get to a safe location and notify security or the police.
  • Don’t display large sums of cash. When possible, use credit/debit cards.
  • Do not leave valuables unattended or in plain view.
  • Do not display gifts under your tree in front of a window.
  • Lock your doors.


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