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Faces of Belmont : Alumni Impacting the World
This series represents a collaboration between the Office of Communications and the Department of Public Relations, providing students practical experience in writing bios and creating profiles of Belmont alumni.

By Chelsea Lomartire

“Embrace the season that you’re in as an emerging professional. Blend your personality and work ethic, and you are set up for success.”

Johnathan Pushkar is a May 2018 graduate of Belmont University. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Pushkar made the journey to Nashville to study music business. Following his sophomore year, he switched to public relations, which led him to jump start his own public relations consulting business.

When asked how the business started, Pushkar explained the impact of his internship with Dennis Scott Productions and the WannaBeatles.

While there, Pushkar was focused on booking, cold calling, social media strategy and production. He immediately connected with the office and one semester internship turned into being hired and working with them for the past two years.

This is where his consulting business started. He was hired as a freelance consultant by WannaBeatles member Bryan Cumming and from there, he created connections that ultimately turned into clients.

Today Pushkar has worked with over 20 clients across the country from New York, to Los Angeles, to Nashville. Some of the clients he works with currently include Bill Cinque (Neil Diamond’s bassist), Rob Shanahan (renowned music photographer), the WannaBeatles and the Pool Kings from the hit DIY Network series. He is also working  as an associate producer on a Mister Rogers tribute album and is the mastermind behind MiniSuperHeroesToday, an Instagram account he started four years ago.

The social media page focuses on posting an original LEGO photo each day, with figures in different poses and interactions. In four years the concept has grown from just Instagram to Facebook and a YouTube channel. His Instagram page currently has over 54,000 followers and his YouTube channel has over 10,000 subscribers. Through this concept, Pushkar has had the opportunity to interact with Marvel movie celebrities and directors, Disney accounts and Gary Vaynerchuk and has been invited to create marketing videos for the LEGO company.

“MiniSuperHeroesToday has allowed me to cut my teeth with social media,” he said. “It has taught me the importance of social media strategy, analytics, hashtagging and working with influencers. The secret to all of it is figuring out how a brand can bring value and consistency to an audience through authenticity.”

Pushkar also spoke about his time at Belmont and how it prepared him for life after graduation. “There is a certain weight and value that the Belmont name carries in the Nashville community. The university gave me a great education and amazing networking opportunities. The professors in the Department of Public Relations have become lifelong mentors and friends.”

Some of the biggest pieces of advice that Pushkar has learned throughout his time at Belmont include:

“Put yourself out there. You are only as strong as your network. It is not necessarily about what you know or who you know, it’s about who knows you.”

“Find a mentor or model yourself after an emerging professional. Follow in their footsteps but be authentic to your own character.”

“Don’t be afraid to work for free as a college student. Always be aware of when your being taking advantage of and know your value. But know the value of the experiences you have and the connections you make.”

Pushkar is excited for the opportunity to see what creative opportunities life will present to him. His ultimate goal is to continue to live in happiness and contentment doing what he loves. Pushkar frequently returns to Belmont’s campus to give back to future professionals.

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