BOLD Event Shares Students’ Stories of Resilience, Courage and Leadership

BOLD Tower Talks 2020
BOLD Tower Talks 2020

Belmont’s Office of Leadership Development (BOLD) hosted “Tower Talks,” a WELL-Core event where students presented and shared their personal growth in leadership. Students gave brief presentations highlighting a transformational leadership story that enhanced their leadership skills and qualities. Fifty students and staff attended the event and were inspired by stories of resilience after years of rejection, courage in the face of fear and delight after achieving long desired personal goals. 

Now in his senior year, Hunter Lindsey shared how the BOLD Moves Leadership Challenge prepared him to finally become a TT Leader. He believed he was the “perfect leader” but soon realized that he will always have more to learn on his leadership journey. 

Claire Mitchell discussed how she had been nervous preparing for a long awaited Disney internship interview. She explained, “Although it was initially daunting, it became easier to think of the interview as a conversation rather than an interview.” The conversation became easier because Claire participated in BOLD’s leadership development program Social Change & ME (SC&ME). SC&ME helped her understand and communicate her personal values and how they were directly aligned with Disney. She got the internship and is excited about the opportunity ahead this summer and fall.

BOLD Tower Talks 2020

Kevin Botros shared how after several years at Belmont, he was given the responsibility of leading the Mock Trial team. He is striving to become a third generation lawyer in his family. Through this new responsibility, Kevin was transformed and learned that “leadership comes from growing with others and developing together.” He and three other presenters credited the the leadership experiences they gained through BOLD for preparing them for specific leadership roles on and off campus. BOLD had given them a chance. 

Tower Talk presenters shared images and words of how they overcame obstacles, learned to lead as themselves and are able to demonstrate that leadership is an opportunity to give back. Presenters reminded their peers of the impact a leader’s efforts can have on the lives of students in Belmont’s community. Participants in this event left inspired to embrace their own leadership journey. 

The next event hosted by BOLD is the Campus Wide Student Leadership Awards on April 15 in the Maddox Grand Atrium. Students interested in learning more about the event should contact the BOLD office at or follow BOLD on BruinLink.