Belmont Takes Second Place in National Forensics Tournament

Speech and Debate Team

Eight Belmont freshman perfected their presentation skills to a nationally competitive level before attending the Novice National Forensics Association Tournament March 6-8 at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. Belmont placed 2nd overall out of 25 universities that competed.

Students competed in a variety of events including debate and public speaking as well as performances of literature. Of the 16 events, Belmont students took first place in 7 of the 16, nearly half of the national champions crowned at the tournament. The team also won the “quality award” which recognizes the school that had the highest percentage of success per entry, essentially making them the most effective competitors at the tournament.

When asked what brought their students such success this year, Ryan Greenawalt, director of individual events, explained that “these novices have worked harder than any first-year squad I have ever seen.”

And their time together has paid off in more ways than just competitive success. Freshman Luke Litz explained, “this weekend was the culmination of what has been an incredible year for our team. Competing with these guys is amazing. We’re all a big family.”

Varsity team members will be vying for their own national titles in April at the National Forensics Association tournament to be held at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater.

Below is a full list of awards earned by Belmont students at the tournament.

  • IPDA Debate Tournament
    • Luke Litz, Semi-Finalist
    • Carly Crotty, 2nd Place
  • IPDA Tournament Speaker
    • Carly Crotty, 2nd Place
    • Luke Litz, National Champion
  • Extemporaneous Speaking
    • Carly Crotty, 2nd Place
    • Luke Litz, National Champion
  • Radio Broadcasting
    • Aaron Kleinschmidt, 5th Place
    • Emma Johansson, 4th Place
    • Sarah Carvalho, 3rd Place
  • Rhetorical Criticism / Communication Analysis
    • DJ Needs, National Champion
  • Impromptu Sales
    • Sarah Carvalho, Semi-Finalist
    • Aaron Kleinschmidt, 2nd Place
    • DJ Needs, National Champion
  • Duo Interpretation
    • Aaron Kleinschmidt / Emma Johansson, 2nd Place
  • Impromptu Speaking
    • Sarah Carvalho, Semi-Finalist
    • Carly Crotty, 6th Place
    • Luke Litz, National Champion
  • Informative Speaking
    • Alivia Kempf, 3rd Place
  • Programmed Oral Interpretation
    • Tyi Eason, 5th Place
    • Emma Johansson, 4th Place
  • Slam Poetry
    • Sarah Carvalho, 4th Place
  • After Dinner Speaking
    • Emma Johansson, 2nd Place
  • Persuasive Speaking
    • Sarah Carvalho, 5th Place
    • Alivia Kempf, National Champion
  • Poetry Interpretation
    • Aaron Kleinschmidt, 2nd Place
    • Sarah Carvalho, National Championship
  • Individual Tournament Sweepstakes
    • DJ Needs, 6th Place
    • Aaron Kleinschmidt, 3rd Place
    • Sarah Carvalho, 2nd Place
  • Team Awards
    • Division 1 & Open Team Sweepstakes, 2nd Place
    • Team Sweepstakes – Quality Award, National Champions