Alumnus Publishes Book On Medical Missionary Career in Africa

"Promises in the Dark: Walking with Those in Need Without Losing Heart" by Eric McLaughlin

Eric McLaughlin, M.D. graduated from Belmont with his Bachelor’s of Science in Biology in 2002 and is now a medical missionary in Burundi. McLaughlin and his wife Rachel serve together at Kibuye Hope Hospital. In addition to caring for patients, the couple trains national doctors to become professors at Hope Africa University, a Christian university in Burundi.

Promises in the Dark: Walking with Those in Need without Losing Heart” is McLaughlin’s newest book drawing on stories from his career in Africa to encourage others to follow Jesus into the broken places of the world.

McLaughlin knows how walking closely with those who suffer and bearing others’ burdens can easily lead to burnout or cynicism—unless one finds the path to perseverance that the Lord provides.

McLaughlin’s new book explores how to find both calling and hope, living in the tension between a difficult present and God’s promises of renewal, how to cope with despair and futility, the importance of the suffering God for those who suffer, and how the manifestations of God bring life into a dying world.