Thress Honors Andrew Lloyd Webber with ‘The Music of The Night’ Video

Mark Thress, adjunct voice faculty professor, released a music video on March 22 covering “The Music of the Night” from The Phantom of the Opera. The video commemorates the 74th birthday of Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer of The Phantom of the Opera, and all that he has done to immortalize the timeless characters of the play.

Thress, who not only performed in the video but also directed it, added a personal twist on a classic song. The video showcases a juxtaposition as the Phantom tries desperately to showcase the beauty of his music, despite the dilapidated nature of his surroundings.

Thress shot this hauntingly beautiful music video right in Nashville at a church in Germantown. “The Music of the Night” video follows up Thress’s previous live, one-take cover of “Bring Him Home.”

Watch the full video here.