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Must Read - Academics

Daniel Warner Headshot

Alumnus Awarded Prestigious James Madison Fellowship

Daniel Warner, a 2013 religion and the arts graduate, was recently awarded a $24,000 scholarship from the James Madison Foundation. With only one award...

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Must Read - Arts & Culture

Ferrer and Summers Headshots

Ferrer and Summers Receive Research Funding

The National Institutes of Health and The National Endowment for the Arts awarded funding to a Belmont professor team to pursue a research study,...

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Must Read - Campus Life

Creating Space book cover

Roebuck Publishes New Book ‘Creating Space’

Dr. Jon Roebuck, executive director of the Charlie Curb Center for Faith Leadership, just announced the release of his third book entitled, "Creating Space." ...

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Must Read - People

Belmont Honors Scholarship and Achievements of Students and Faculty

The Belmont University Scholarship and Awards Day is a special day honoring faculty and students who have achieved success in their educational endeavors. The...

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