Copy Center

The copy center staff provides all copy services alongside a creative team of designers and project manager who also provides creative/print production work utilizing both in-house and out-sourcing options.  All departments will be billed four cents per page/click for all copies made in the copy center and at convenience copiers throughout campus.  All low-quantity, quick-service copy jobs can be run on your departmental copiers if that is the most convenient and best fits your deadline needs.  Large quantity, special needs jobs should be sent to the copy center staff who will oversee the entire production of the job.

All basic work requests sent to the copy center  (tests, syllabi, etc.) will require a 24-hour turn around time.  Large quantity special work requests that may require binding or folding must be submitted at least three business days in advance of the deadline.  Personal jobs brought to the copy center are processed after Belmont faculty and staff academic/business related materials are completed and may require a longer processing time than 24-hours.

Belmont University has guidelines in regards to university branding and logo usage. All branding standards must be followed for projects completed by the copy center or the Office of Communications.

The Copy Center at Belmont provides:

  • Digital Copies (Color and Black/White)
  • Spiral, Heat, and Saddle-stitch Binding
  • Variety of paper colors and styles
  • Personal jobs are also accepted
  • Copies from electronic files submitted via e-mail at:

Cash or a personal check made payable to Belmont University is accepted for all non-Belmont work. Should you have questions or wish to discuss your print project please call 615-460-6633.

Copy Center Price Sheet