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BOLD Brings The BEAT in! with Ethics & Accountability Training

The Go-Go’s got it. Beyonce brought it in. And BOLD has it for its student leaders. Every semester, the Belmont Office of Leadership Development offers several programs and training to develop Belmont student leaders. One of the programs offered is the Belmont Ethics and Accountability Training (The BEAT), an online, self-paced leadership development training in which students study current ethical issues and identify their morals and values.

The BEAT includes nine 2-minute videos and case studies around the topics of ethics and accountability. Students post and respond to challenging questions in a discussion format with their peers. Upon completion of this training, students are given credit in the Believing-Emergent Leader level of BOLD, bringing them one step closer to earning their co-curricular certificate in leadership.

One student stated, “I think my most important takeaway from this experience is recognizing how important it is that we live by our convictions. I feel like it says so much about a person if they are able to stick to their core values and beliefs, even if no one else around them is doing so. It makes that person that much more respected and trustworthy and therefore makes them a significantly better leader.” 

“My most important takeaway from BEAT was to keep following my beliefs and ethical values because if I use those thoughts and values to guide me, I know I can be the best leader I can be,” another student added. 

In 2021, BOLD had a record 201 student leaders participating in the BEAT. With 98.9 percent of students agreeing that the BEAT was beneficial for them, BOLD hopes to increase engagement in The BEAT in 2022.

Spring registration for The BEAT is now open here. Please email with any questions about registering or completing the training.

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