Three Belmont Women named “2022 Women of Influence,” NBJ

Belmont's Women of Influence 2022

Three Belmont Women named “2022 Women of Influence,” NBJ

Three Belmont women—Alessandra Alegre (’16), Elisa Green and LaMel Bandy-Neal (’93)—are included in Nashville Business Journal’s “2022 Women of Influence.” 

Representing a variety of industries and roles, a common thread unites these women: they’re shaping the future of Nashville business, opening doors and offering a hand up to those behind them.

Alessandra Alegre, Director of North America Tracking and Analytics
Universal Music Publishing Group

Category: Department Manager

My cure for imposter syndrome: Having a clear “why” has always been important to me. … Going back to my “why” always helps me get through those times when I feel insecure about my own abilities, or when I feel like I am too young to be assertive about what I bring to the table.

Biggest challenge no one is talking about: A topic that is very personal to me … is the legal immigration system for international students. I would like to see complete reform of this system, allowing students that come to the U.S. for their undergraduate degrees receive permission for up to five years to work in the U.S. regardless of their field.

Elisa Green, Associate Professor 
Belmont University 

Category: Inspiration/Mentor 

Source of inspiration: I read everything I can get my hands on: poetry, fluffy novels, thoughtful nonfiction, thrillers, classics — I love it all. I’m constantly inspired by the ideas I find in their pages as well as through conversations with students, patients and peers.

Biggest challenge no one is talking about: One of the biggest challenges in our society today is the dwindling ability to disagree kindly and productively. Open discourse is important, and dissenting viewpoints are essential for a free society and for intellectual growth. Nashville would be an amazing place to model better behavior.

LaMel Bandy-Neal, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Meharry Medical College

Category: Top Executive

Biggest challenge no one is talking about: Education and health care are two of the biggest challenges facing America today. We must start thinking about better opportunities for our children — that works begins now. … We need to put more focus on education to help our children succeed. I’m grateful to be at an organization like Meharry where we are proactively creating opportunities that will support our children and allow them to begin thinking about their futures as early as possible.

Schools should be teaching more: I hope to see more focus on the major disciplines of STEM: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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